Chameleon Post Process

for Unreal Engine 5

Chameleon Post Process

You can experience all effects within your web browser.

Chameleon is a Post Processing blueprint actor for Unreal Engine 5. You will need to place only one Chameleon actor on your scene to access all of its benefits.

It currently has 74 different post-process effects. All with customizable parameters directly from the details window of the actor for easy preview and build.

These effects are also combinable with each other, so the possibilities are endless and the limit is your imagination.

Chameleon is not another game engine asset you see cloned for multiple game engines.

It is a post-processing package specifically designed for Unreal Engine with passion.

The most performant and hassle-free method to change the feel of your scene immediately: Look Up Tables. Chameleon comes with LOOK! Color Grading Pack.


Actor Blueprint
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  • Chameleon11DemoHall_Win64

    The playable demo build to see the effect showcase of Chameleon Post Process 11.0. Win64.

    File size: 639 MB

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