04. Importing Custom Fonts

This page is subject to update soon.
Information here was generated with/for SharpText version 1.3 and before. Starting from version 1.4, it’s a blueprint-only solution now and distributed as an asset package, so there might be subtle changes yet the overall workflow still the same.

After you created your custom font data and texture files as described in the Creating Custom Fonts article, you are now ready to import it to your Unreal Engine 4 project. For this, all you have to do is simply drag these two files (PNG and CSV files) and drop on your project’s content browser.

The new dialog window titled “DataTable Options” would appear as soon as you drop these on your content browser, asking you for the preferred data parsing options for the font data file (CSV) you are importing. You will need to make your selections as shown in the image below.

Next, you will need to double click on your newly imported font texture file (PNG) to open its details window.

In this window; click to “Texture Group” dropdown and select the “ColorLookupTable” option. Click “Save” and close this window.

Texture Group options: These are the preset names of different pre-defined settings for textures. We are using the “ColorLookupTable” option because it sets this texture as no compression and no mips. These settings give texture the smooth value transitions between pixels on resampling operations.

You are now ready to assign your new font assets to any SharpTextRender actor in your level. For this; select any SharpTextRender actor in your level and expand the “Font” category which resides in its details window. First, drag your font data file (imported as CSV, now is DataTable) and drop on the “Font Data” slot.

At this time, you probably see the scrambled and cutout letters in your viewport, as shown below. This is because your new font data doesn’t match with the current font texture. To fix this, drag your new font texture file (imported as PNG, now is Texture2D) and drop on the “Font Texture” slot.

That’s it! This SharpTextRender actor is now using your new font.